FIRST TIMER HAIRCUT: please book this service if it is our first time working together. This gives us a full hour, and we can discuss your hair goals and formulate a plan of action, then set your locks in motion. Comes with an in-depth consultation, shampoo, cut, and blow-dry style.

Mega Haircut: book this if you have more hair than all your friends and you know it. Yeah it costs a little extra, but it’s going to be worth every penny for the precision polish to your style. 75 minutes. $75.

Long haircut: book this if you’ve got hair that goes past your collarbone. It doesn’t cost anything extra, but we get 15 extra minutes to dry your mane. 60 minutes. $60.

Haircut: a haircut using scissors to give shape, texture, and form to your hair. Comes with a shampoo and blow-dry style. 45 minutes. $60.

Clipper Cut: a very short, clean look, achieved using only clippers and a variety of blades. This would include fades, for example. 30 minutes. $40.

Buzz Cut (AKA The Britney) : the ultimate short cut, the same length all over using a single clipper blade. 30 minutes. $20.

Chemical Services

Single Process Color: Color within 1-3 levels of your existing hair color. Roots to ends color. 90 minutes. $90.

Root Touch Up: Color within 1-3 levels of your existing hair color. Roots only. 90 minutes. $75+.

Foil: Foil highlights all over resulting in precise and dimensional color. Great for blondes who wear their hair up often. 120 minutes. $150+.

Partial Foil: Foil highlights in the front and crown, leaving out the nape and area just above the ears resulting in a dimensional color with your natural color underneath. 90 minutes. $100+.

Just a Few Highlights: an add-on service for those of you that like just a few highlights in the front or top. <10 foils. Processing time is built into the single process color service. additional $25.

Balayage: Dimensional highlights painted on for a lived-in bombshell look. For color that grows out so well you may as well have been born with it. Almost. 180 minutes. $200+.

Double Process: AKA the bleach+tone, I lift your existing hair color using bleach (and Olaplex) and apply another color after that. Comes with a haircut. Recommend that you rebook every 4-6 weeks, beyond that you will need a color correction to achieve an even result. 180 minutes. $200+.

Brazilian Blowout: reduces drying time and softens curly and coarse hair, resulting in a lower maintenance daily routine for curly people who like to wear it straight. lasts up to 12 weeks. 180 minutes. $250+.

Color Correction: Hair color 4 or more levels lighter or darker than your existing hair. Process is based on consultation, using professional techniques to maintain the integrity of your hair while making a dramatic change to your color. 180 minutes/session. $300+.

Blow-Dry Style: do you ever dream of not having to wash your own hair? Book this service and poof, your blow-out dreams come true! 45 minutes. $50.

Shampoo Blow-dry Heat Style: for ultra curly friends who want sleek styles, or those who want a shampoo set. 60 minutes. $60.

Special Occasion Style: a shampoo, blow-dry, style. Whether you’re looking for a classic updo to viking festival fantasy, book this if you need to roam around looking fabulous. 90 minutes, $75.



Consultation: a free discussion about your hair color goals and what we can realistically achieve in our session together. You must book a consultation before booking a color correction or a double process for the first time. Any subsequent sessions will be scheduled during your service. 10 minutes. Free.

Free styling lesson: a lesson where I teach you how to style your hair. Free for existing clients only. Perfect for when you’re stumped on your style, during a transitional haircut, or a night on the town. 15 minutes. Free for existing clients.

Neck Trim/Bang Trim: A quick cleanup around the ears, nape, and sides between haircuts. Alternately, eyeball liberation! Free for existing clients up to 6 weeks after a haircut. After 6 weeks, it’s time to book another cut! 10 minutes. Free.